Welcome to FUNPARK PETTING ZOO! FUNPARK PETTING ZOO is the FIRST PETTING ZOO IN GREECE!  At FUNPARK PETTING ZOO visitors can pet, play with and even hand-feed our animals.  It is a fun and educational experience for children and adults alike.  Don’t forget to bring your camera!  We are sure you will have many memorable moments with us. Although availability may change from time to time, we generally have the following animals on site: ANIMALS ACTIVITIES FOOD WALLABIES FEEDING DOGS ADOPTION          2 Euro DOGWALKING FEEDING PETTING/PLAYING CATS ADOPTION 1 Euro CAT CAFE FEEDING PETTING/PLAYING RABBITS FEEDING 1 Euro PETTING CHICKENS FEEDING 1 Euro VIEWING ANIMAL ADOPTION At FUNPARK, we have many cats and dogs that are looking for a good and loving home.  Our goal at FUNPARK is to find a family in need of a pet.  If you think you can provide one of our cats and/or dogs with a suitable environment, then we invite you to come and find your match! FAQs WHERE DO YOUR ANIMALS COME FROM? FUNPARK is known locally as a drop-off center for unwanted animals.  Our animals come from all kinds of places, such as the beach.  The rest of our animals come from our community.  Many animals even come by themselves! HOW ARE YOUR ANIMALS CARED FOR? All of our animals are well cared for and in very good condition.  Our animals are vaccinated and receive regular visits from a local veterinarian.  We also have a professional pet groomer who grooms our animals.  The animals are given vitamins, clean water and plenty of food in pellet form as well as fresh fruit and vegetables from our garden daily. WHERE DO THE ANIMALS GO? Our goal at FUNPARK is to find a good and loving home for all of our available cats and dogs.  All adopted animals go to families who can provide a suitable environment.  Approximately 95% of our animals go to Germany, with the rest going to other European countries such as Austria, Finland, France, Russia and Switzerland. HOW CAN I HELP?  CAN I VOLUNTEER? If you are planning to visit Crete for any length of time, and if you think the animals can benefit from your skills, please contact us regarding volunteer opportunities.  A car is definitely an asset. CAN I MAKE A DONATION?  HOW DO YOU USE DONATION FUNDS? We use donation funds for our many projects to benefit the care of animals.  Because we take in unwanted animals, we need funding for the daily cleaning and feeding of the animals we house.  Veterinarian visits, stays in the veterinarian clinic, Frontline, vaccinations, medications and vitamins are not free, and these things can get quite expensive.  If you would like to make a donation, you can contact us for more information.